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lovejoy1The tall, blonde, football-loving TV presenter, and friend of a thousand bands, Tim Lovejoy interrupted his busy schedule to talk festivals, Channel Bee and politics with Freeq magazine.

We met you this year at Glastonbury - what was your festival highlight?

Tim: Festival highlight.....hmm.  It's a hard one that.  I just enjoy always everything about Glastonbury, I do the whole thing.  Its funny because Glastonbury Festival for me is not about the acts on the main stage if I’m honest with you, it's kind of walking around the tents,  Trash City, Shangri-La, you know, healing fields, stone circle, I love all that,  I find that a buzz seeing all those areas.  I went to see African Express which was Damon Albarn's project thing and I really enjoyed it, but before that there was band on called the, er, the something brass ensemble and it was just one of those moments that worked really well,  I liked the American dudes with the brass instruments jumping around playing hip hop beats.  It was in a tent down at Shangri-La and the tent was bouncing.  I'd never watch this in London but whilst I am standing in the middle of a field, it seems like a good thing to watch (laughs).  That's what I like about Glastonbury, those moments where you are walking past a tent and stop to have a look at something that you haven’t planned to see.

:  When we met, you were wearing a Channel Bee t-shirt.  What’s that about?

Tim: I came up with idea a while ago.  I’m always on the internet and I realised a lot of TV companies were putting up content [to the Internet] after it had been broadcast on TV and I thought there was a place to make original content purely for Internet, TV-quality style sketches, interviews, etc. This is our idea we're still doing and it’s very satisfying. It’s great because the Internet is a new medium, when I first started doing it people said that the Internet would take over from TV and that's nonsense, but it’s a new way of watching content and that’s what we’re doing.

It features sport, banter and comedy; is it not a web version of Soccer AM, the TV show you used to present?

Tim: Yea, potentially, Soccer AM was all the stuff I loved and Channel Bee is all the stuff I love, and the best way to make good content is to do the stuff you like.

Are you on the lookout for any up and coming bands?

Tim: Yea, we do that all the time, if you go onto Channel Bee there's a section called You Are A&R, where we like to put new bands and you can make up your own mind whether they are gonna be successful or not. We have had bands on there that have gone on to make it, er VV Brown… I'm trying to think who else… there's plenty on there that have gone on to make it, and plenty that haven't!

Freeq: It's so easy and accessible to make music nowadays that you tend to get stuff that maybe isn't the same quality that would have been around when it was more difficult and expensive to make records.  There's not the natural filter.

Tim: Yea, but look on the flip side, the amount of record industry people that spend their lives out getting drunk, drinking champagne, doing bugger all, turning bands down left right and centre. Everyone’s got to remember the Beatles got turned down.  Nowadays bands don't need the music industry, they only need the general public.

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Tim: I went out and made my own show reels, I used to work a lot in bars and restaurants during the night to make enough money.  I used to go round pretending I worked for Cable London as no one really knew what that was, and I used to work for free during the days for TV companies trying to get work experience and learn about the job.

And what keeps you motivated?

Tim: Er...just enjoying it.  Someone said to me, if you find a job you love doing, you never have to work again.  It's not really a job for me, its stuff I enjoy doing; I'm lucky enough to be able to do my job for a living.

You clearly love music and I know you love your football, if you had to choose between them, what would it be?

Tim: Football.  I love playing, watching, It’s my first love.  I mean football and music go hand in hand so I am hard pushed to answer but I think it's just such a brilliant sport, I love it, I just love it, I can't get enough of football, so yea, that's the one for me - its also the one that's made me the most money, ha ha!

Freeq: So on the subject of football and Soccer AM and er, music - who has been the best band on the Soccer AM show?

Tim: I think the ultimate is Noel Gallagher because he's funny and he's kind of the godfather of Indie music I suppose isn't he?  He's the main man. They all love him and what Noel does always seems to be cool.  You know, most bands if they turned up on a Sky News advert, people think 'what are they doing? Have they sold out?’  Noel Gallagher does it, it's cool. Everything he does is cool.

Freeq: When you're not working how do you spend your time?

Tim: Apart from watching bands and going to football, I spend a lot of it with my two daughters, I like getting out and playing footy or going for a run, I like to stay active.

Finally. You mentioned in a previous interview that you'd be a good leader, what would you do differently?

Tim: Leading the country?


Tim: Well if you gave me the ultimate job of leading the country, I'd go for common sense policies, proper distribution of wealth and making sure that money that's paid into society is distributed fairly.  I'd make sure people looked after each other.  I'm not some mad communist or socialist but I do believe I would try and change fashions.  I'd try and make it fashionable for people to like society rather than rebel against society all the time.  I think rebelling against society has been good for our hearts but it’s about time we all bought into society, people need to be made aware that we are generally good people who look after each other.  That's got to be fashionable, at the moment its too fashionable to knock everything, I’m so tired over the last 5 or 6 years of things people tell me; how rubbish this country is, when it's clearly not. It's a great place for living, with a great climate, we've just got to change the fashions and get people positive about it.  I'm tired of everyone in this country being so bloody critical of everything - all we do is say how rubbish everything is, lets change it round, lets get a bit of optimism.  Peace and love.

Visit Tim’s website at or see his presenting skills in action on Something For The Weekend on Sunday mornings (if you’re not still sleeping off Saturday nights).