VV Brown Talks To Freeq

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We were invited to an MSN Xclusives gig at Modiva in London sponsored by Lynx Bullet and were treated to an excellent line up of music from the Maccabees, Frankmusik, Sugababes, and the lady with possibly the longest legs in showbiz; VV Brown.

vvbrown @rescue rooms

Freeq: You seem enthused with life and full of energy, what inspires you?
VV: I’m one of those people that’s really happy and then all of a sudden I’ll be really depressed, but I guess things that inspire me are my family and friends.  Things that make me sad are that I worry a lot and sometimes put too much pressure on myself.

Freeq: You have suffered from depression in the past, what would you say to people who are going through that same thing?
VV: If you’re suffering seriously then you really need to see a doctor.  If you suffer mildly then maybe don’t be so hard on yourself,  whenever I get down I always think that there’s someone out there worse than me and it’s a bit ungrateful to be upset when there’s people who are starving, dying in wars or they have cancer. Stuff like that makes you put things in perspective.

Freeq: With all the attention and adulation you’ve been receiving, how do you plan on keeping your feet on the ground, or will you turn into a bit of a diva?
VV: I’ll always keep my feet on the ground, I’ve been in this business too long to get disillusioned by the fake things, I just wanna make music, fame is just an illusion, it’s not real.

Freeq: Do you have any musical heroes?
VV: Yea, I love Grace Jones, Regina Spektor, Feist, a group called Little Dragons.  I really like classical music.

Freeq: What’s the worst comparison you’ve ever had?
VV: I got compared to Katatonia once but I don’t understand why.

Freeq: You do a lot of the arrangements for your songs, how many instruments can you actually play?
VV: I play the piano up to grade 8. I play the trumpet to grade 7. I play the drums a bit, I can play the recorder, melodica, I can play the guitar a bit, a one string guitar, it’s helped me play the bass a bit.  I think when you’re hands on in the studio, you just learn to pick up most instruments because you want to experiment and be creative so you learn to play a lot of different things.

Freeq: So are you a keyboard geek?
VV: Yea, I collect vintage keyboards and gear.  I love technology.

Freeq: Do you have a favourite keyboard?
VV: I have a good Casio which has some interesting sounds on and a few Bontempis.

Freeq: Does fashion play an important role in your life?
VV: Yea, fashion and music go hand in hand.  When you’ve got strong views about your music and identity, it’s natural that it comes through in the way your dress because that’s who you are.  I’ve got a vintage website called VVVintage.com and I promote ethical fashion on the website, it’s good to get involved in buying clothes that can contribute to a charity and that are not made by children in India and stuff like that.

Freeq: You probably get asked a lot about your hair – is the quiff here to stay?
VV: I don’t know.  I live in the moment so who knows.

Freeq: So you’ll surprise us all one day with something drastic?  Maybe shave it all off?
VV: Maybe yea, my next aim is to go platinum blond.  I don’t like to predict anything because it’s more fun when people don’t know what to expect, but I’m not a slave to the quiff.