Glastonbury goes Ice cold

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vanillaicePossibly one of the filthiest special guest appearances of all time at Glastonbury's 40th anniversary occurred late on Thursday night during the Cuban Brothers set at Cocktails and Dreams and it was all captured by Freeq magazine for you our very special readers.

You'll know all about the Cuban Brothers from the Nottingham Bar Awards this year - rappers, singers, dancers and all round awesomely kitsch entertainers but their special guest took the 'cheese factor' to another stratosphere. 

None other than the legendary Vanilla Ice took to the stage for a 25 minute cameo which included singing his huge hit Ice Ice Baby twice - that's what happens when you've only made one record folks.

The Cocktails and Dreams bar was absolutely rammed with massive queues and a strict one-in one-out policy; it left many people disappointed - Vanilla Ice could easily have drawn 20,000 at the Pyramid stage in my opinion, but such is the nature of Glastonbury's 50 plus stages that sometimes the best gigs happen in the most unlikely places. 

The infamous record sold something like 40 million copies and propelled Ice to global superstar, bringing rap to the white middle classes more so than anyone else period.  We probably wouldn't even have been ready for Eminem had Vanilla Ice not gone commercial.

Anyhow, the set was pure cheese, lovingly filthy and great entertainment.  For his encore Ice pulled up girls from the crowd to the stage to dance with him and within no time it was getting out of control, you could sense Vanilla Ice was thinking 'I'm getting laid tonight' as he was surrounding by a bunch of desperate ladies.  (Rather him than me to be honest).

This was one party that was not to be missed, despite only a fraction of Glastonbury punters seeing the magic unfold and not a paparazzi in sight.  Keep your Flaming Lips and your Magic Numbers; give me a double scoop of Vanilla Ice every day.