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Written by Sam Borrett (Editor) Friday, 02 September 2011 00:00
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Just when you thought festivals in Croatia were all sun, sun and fun, we ran for cover into Barbarella’s nightclub during the worst storm to hit Petrcane all year, with waves crashing up around the beach bars and rain lashing down from the heavens. This beautiful resort, which locals tell you is sunny all year, for one day only resembled something out of Deadliest Catch. 

Fortunately we bumped into Kathrin deBoer and Ricky Fabulous from Belleruche in the sanctuary of the dry warm indoors and caught up with them after their improvised set on the ledge of a wall in the club.

Kathrin: I had it in my head we would be playing to bikini-clad women and beshorted, bare-chested men, maybe slightly on the burnt side, because the last time I played here was at the Garden Festival and it was ridiculously hot.

Freeq: So does this gig take you back to your roots of intimate pubs and clubs in London?

Ricky: I love it, it’s really cool playing inside, sweaty little places, having people right there in front of you: it’s nice to see people like that.

Kathrin: Some of our best shows have been intimate little places where you have a close connection with the crowd.

Freeq: You really managed to lift the atmosphere and it was really nice to be able to see you up close.

Kathrin: That’s why we got up on the little ledge…

Freeq: Is that the first time you’ve played on a ledge?

Kathrin:  Yea, it has to be the smallest stage we’ve ever played on, it’s pretty thin there!

Freeq: So how do you deal with last minute changes like this?

Ricky: We started off grass roots but even playing bigger stuff, if someone wants you to play somewhere then fuck it, it’s all good.

Kathrin: At the end of the day if the crowd is waiting it doesn’t matter where you are, you just do your job.

Freeq: When you were starting out, you handled all your own business, would you recommend this to aspiring artists?

Kathrin: I think it’s really important to do it yourself, it’s really important to understand the jobs that are involved and being involved in the music industry, fair enough you can play an instrument, fair enough you’re in a band, but there’s all the other jobs and it’s really good to be in touch and understand how all these things need to work together to be like a touring band, in any way successful.

Ricky: I was hanging out with a guy who used to be in a really big indie band and I said I didn’t realise having a tour manager how much easier everything is and he said he came the opposite way, straight in at the top and he didn’t realise what they were doing and he suddenly had to do all these bookings and it was a wake up call.  We were the other way and now we can just do what we get paid to do which is kinda cool.

Kathrin: We can just turn up and play now.  But I don’t think we’ll ever take that for granted.

Freeq:  Would you do other festivals in Croatia?

Kathrin: We would, but we’ve have to be asked first!  Croatia is the bomb.  It’s amazing, it’s beautiful, the crowds are lovely, people are friendly, the food’s amazing. At the end of the day you’ve still got to be invited.

Freeq:  In the UK the festivals are generally cold, wet, muddy, whereas Croatia is hot, sunny, but the weather today has kind of ruined that…

Ricky:  A festival here has got that beach holiday element to it whereas Glastonbury – you’re not going for a beach holiday; you’re going because it’s Glastonbury.

Kathrin:  And you’re prepared for the muddiness.

Ricky:  My housemate doesn’t go and see any of the main bands, he just goes around the small tents, that’s the festival there.  It’s not about seeing the Ting Tings. 

Freeq:  We always try to cover the bits of Glastonbury that don’t tend to get covered.  People think it’s those two big stages but actually that’s not it at all.

Ricky:  You could go and not see those two stages…

Kathrin:  And you’d have a completely different experience of Glastonbury.

And with that, the sun began to break through the clouds, and we managed to get back outside for a last night party as the sunset over the beautiful Croatian hills. 

For more information on Belleruche visit and for information on Soundwave visit






Written by Sam Borrett (Editor) Tuesday, 23 November 2010 13:25
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