Bombay Bicycle Club


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I interviewed Jack Steadman (vocals/guitar) from the band to discuss the past, present and future for Bombay Bicycle Club and the challenge ahead.

Having first got noticed by winning T4’s Road to V [Festival] competition, Bombay Bicycle Club gained TV coverage of their small set at the festival in 2006; what they say was the best weekend of their lives.

Getting there wasn’t easy though. The music scene in North London is a subject of uncertainty. “I'm not a big fan at all” says Steadman “but it gives kids things to do so it’s great. [It’s] Just not for me.”

Since then they’ve also played Reading and Leeds 2007. “Reading was great; the tent was packed with fans and friends and we played one of the best sets we've ever done. Then we managed to quickly come back to Reading after Leeds to camp with our friends for the rest of the weekend.”

Their second E.P, entitled ‘How Are We’ came out in October 2007 and generated a good response from fans and critics alike. “We were pleased with the reaction” says Steadman, “especially seeing everyone chose a different song as their favourite, which is a good sign.”

The E.P itself has a mellower feel to it than their last E.P ‘The Boy I Used To Be’.
”I think it just happened that way. We were more confident in the studio and knew our producer better.”

The future looks promising too, with the band looking set to sign a record deal. “We're all taking a gap year, recording an album and going on tour, and then I’m going to go to university and focus only on folk music...”

The rapport with the fans is the most interesting and positive thing about the band. Most bands prefer to distance themselves away from fans, but this band has a different take, involving a lot of stage invasions…

”It’s my favourite part of being in the band. Just the other day me and Ed were in Regents Park playing a gig for some fans. We had lunch with them too. We talk to people after every gig. I think it’s our age. It’s nice.”

With an album, several festival appearances, and possibly a tour lined up, Bombay Bicycle are certainly ones to watch. But with being so young we can only hope they remain ones to watch for years to come.

Liam Sheasby