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dolls houseWith Britain about to plunge into financial abyss and the nights drawing ever gloomier, you may need some colour and glamour in your life. Look no further than Dolls House...  Based in London, Dolls House are a glamorous four piece combining a retro, post punk sound with a poppy flavour. Lead singer Camilla Romenstrand has a delectable vocal that harks back to Annie Lennox via Kate Bush, and dare I say it Katie White from Ting Tings fame.

The band has already created a significant impact topping 4Music's list of unsigned acts to look out for. As a group they have played a smattering of gigs largely around the London area, but it can't be long before a full scale tour ensues.

A couple of EP's are available to purchase through their MySpace page. I particularly recommend the Twenty Twenty EP which contains the potentially seminal I Hate Today. The other EP, called 27 includes Girls and Boys.

It would be unfair to ignore the other three members of this sassy and colourful quartet (Joz, Cenk and Justin for the record), but the attention will no doubt focus on the sexual curveball that lead singer Camilla is. She effortlessly permeates a sexual energy that will have men fixated and women in jealous awe. In music history there have been a number of attractive female leads but Camilla is full on rock ‘n' roll sleaze in such a classy way.

Musically they recall the nagging and slightly minimalist beat of early 1980's new wave, but still maintain a ravishing freshness that allows it to feel new. Although I've yet to witness them live, there is an unassuming swagger about their songs that suggests their live performances will be full of confidence and youthful energy.

Dolls House aren't necessarily the most original act you will hear, but there won't be many others that can match them when it comes to sexual energy, colourful zest and retro glamour.

Female fronted indie bands have a tendency not to maintain their success. I think just listening to their EP's - there are enough ideas knocking around for this band not to become stereotyped into being a one dimensional pop group. There is a variety of tempo in their songs that keep you interested for longer, as the songs do make you feel like you're being guided through mini journeys.

Dolls House are just oozing with pop spunk, and when you combine that with Camilla's fractured and sensual vocals, this is a band that will get crowds gyrating to their scuzzy beat.

You can never guarantee that a band is destined for big success, but I've never been as excited about a new band since probably Franz Ferdinand. They have a song called Number 1, and going from the evidence of their current material; it won't be long before they reach the summit.