Band Profile: Darren Ramshaw

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darren ramshaw 3We put Darren Ramshaw in the Band Profile hotseat to do a quick-fire Q&A...

Band members:

Just me usually. I've got a band uniform but no-one realises as it's only me wearing it. At gigs I usually play entirely acoustic, but now and then I get out the synth and 'play' it with my foot for extra sounds. I have an occasional percussionist but I usually play on my own.  

What or who do you sound like?

It's hard to sum up. People have said they can hear bits of Nick Drake, Captain Beefheart, Jon Renbourne, Pink Floyd, John Martyn, T-Rex, Thom Yorke and The Cure among other things.  

The famous Jaffa Cake debate, is it a biscuit or cake?

Cake. No question. Basically, the clue's in the name Jaffa CAKE. It may be the size and shape of a biscuit, but I've seen a hedge cut like a flamingo, but it was still definitely a hedge.

What’s your Christmas wish?

Christmas is mostly about my son these days. That and booze. Even more booze than usual and building complicated toys with a hangover. A Christmas wish? I suppose I just hope that everything will work out as well as possible for as many people as possible. And I'd like to wish for unlimited wishes… and a magic ape that’ll do my bidding… and the ability to fly… and a Scalextric.