John Peel Afternoon

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On a blistering hot Saturday afternoon at Glastonbury a return to the John Peel stage was long overdue having not made a visit last year.  Leaving the sauna that they are calling the press tent, I made it over there in time to see Cymbals Eat Guitars who I'd been looking to check out for a little while.

Their set didn't disappoint, high energy and solid tracks which deserved more than the half full John Peel tent with the majority of listeners sat on the floor. I can only assume it's simply too hot for full on revelling and the sun has drawn people out of the tent stages and into the fields.  (If you like your indie rock then this four piece from New York is well worth having a listen - they're playing at End of the Road Festival on 10 September).

Speaking of fields, the next band up - Field Music - should have been right at home at Glastonbury, essentially a big field of music.  Having been hotly tipped this year the four piece from Sunderland were let down by the sound crew for their first track with the on-stage monitors not working.  They muddled through the first track before a lengthy delay to fix the levels in the monitors. An awkward situation for any band and the next few songs were a definate improvement from the first but the set never really lived up to the hype.  The band lack a proper front man, the keyboard player sang lead vocals for the first two tracks before swapping with the drummer who took up the rhythm guitar and lead vocal duty.  A nice touch and made things more watchable. 

If I had to choose between these two promising bands I'd go with Cymbals Eat Guitars but you'll have to make your own mind up. That's the joy of Free Will.