Steel Panther review

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Steel Panther, Wolverhampton Civic Hall

When you view Steel Panther’s live shows on YouTube, it’s usually in short excerpts. What comes across is a pastiche of ‘80s “hair-metal”, ironic misogyny, wild, brash dress sense and an infantile sense of humour. In a loosely compelling way, this suggested a full Steel Panther gig could be, at very least, a good night out.

However sustaining this brand of cheap, one-dimensional entertainment for a full ninety minutes is another matter entirely. Named the ‘Spreading the Disease’ (STD) tour, Steel Panther are dressed in their trademark spandex gear, attempting to belie the fact they are old enough to be the fathers of the many women who mount the stage and, in the majority of cases,  show their ‘boobies’, another tradition of a Steel Panther live performance.

The Achilles heel for Steel Panther is that beyond the relatively clever parody of ‘80s metal, the in between song patter and half-naked women, their canon of songs is inferior to the type of music they are lampooning. It’s if they consider the music a secondary concern to their decadent tomfoolery, a mere punctuation mark. The pastiche wears thin, though, especially after the third wanking joke.

For the record, songs like ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’, Let Me Cum In’, ‘Hair Solo’ and ‘Gold Digging Whore’ are generally met with appreciation, but the songs all morph into a whole entity, nothing really distinguishing itself as anything more than a Bon-Jovi B-side (heaven forbid!)

A bloated, tiresome and repetitive set comes to a climax with ‘Party All Day (Fuck All Night)’. From now on, a brief foray on to YouTube is all that is required to gain an understanding of the Steel Panther manifesto.