Album Review: Kalli

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kalliDebut solo effort from Without Gravity singer fails to capture the heartache, or anything else for that matter. Being compared to Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith is one thing. Being anywhere near as good as them is a different matter and the mono-named Kalli is not even close.

Granted his Nick Drake-esque vocals are very pleasant but, to say he's claiming that ‘While the City Sleeps' charts some very difficult times in his life, it sounds surprisingly devoid of any raw emotion.

There is no musical epiphany here, there's no ‘Grace' or ‘Needle in the Hay'. Just an unassuming collection of music so insipid that it makes Coldplay sound like Rage Against the Machine.

If Kalli is really to achieve song writing greatness, it looks like a lot more soul searching is in order.