Album Review: Shaughnessy - Big Wide World

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shaughIs Terry Shaughnessy just a poor man's Paul Weller? After listening to his current album Big Wide World that is ultimately the main conclusion to draw from a collection of songs that are workmanlike and that's being polite. 

Hailing from Skelmersdale, Shaughnessy believes that the song is king and that the constant pursuit of melody and hooks keeps him reaching for a classic. If this guy reached for the stars he still wouldn't have a classic. His songs are static and lack any zest. The first two tracks on the album are a case in point. Shine On is a lacklustre anthem, containing the dullest lyrics. The next song I Believe is in a similar vein.

It may seem a little lazy to pigeonhole comparing him with Paul Weller, but there is unerring similarity in his vocal delivery. However, this album is not in the same league as the modfather and there is nothing distinctive or original enough for Shaughnessy to carve an identity out other than as a karaoke Weller.