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Written by Phil Robinson Sunday, 31 July 2011 18:44
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Following on from our coverage at the premiere of the final Harry Potter film, Phil Robinson brings you the full review:

All roads lead to this.

With the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 now hitting the cinemas the nation is going potty over Potter, and who can blame us?! After ten years, 8 films and the final film breaking box office records, there is so much riding on this final chapter.  Thankfully with returning director David Yates at the helm, it doesn’t disappoint.

Part two throws you right into the action picking up right where part one left off which saw our three main  champions trying to find and destroy Voldemort’s remaining ‘Horcruxs’, and the snake like villain himself seeking to find remaining legendary magical items to bestow him eternal life.

Unlike previous outings, which relied mainly on solving a character driven magical mystery (with a Scooby-Doo type ending), this final chapter is an all-out good versus evil fight between the remaining students of Hogwarts and Voldemort’s followers; Queue some impressive fighting statues, giants, the occasional dragon and more spell casting than all of the previous films combined. The action and special effects are none stop but never dull; every sequence is different from the next broken up by some much needed plot summary and tying up of many loose ends.

We see a return of some well-known sets and they are utilized well. Seeing the school being blown to bits from every angle gives you a real sense of scope and that this truly is a time of war. It’s a shame that with so much happening and so much of the book to get through that many central characters don’t get much of a look in and some character deaths are merely  glanced at. But it’s a real testament to the films quality that so many well established actors and actresses are present if only for a few moments on screen.
Magic and special effects aside there are some truly stand out performances such as the truth about Severus Snape, which albeit a little rushed and choppy for my liking, was dealt with poignantly and really pulled at the heartstrings. All the performances were flawless and Daniel Radcliffe once more stole the spotlight as a young man coming to terms with what it really means to be a hero when faced with the deaths of those loyal to him and his cause.

Whilst both parts differ significantly in pace, viewed as one entire film the two complement each other perfectly. There is just the right amount of sentiment (without being sloppy or melodramatic), and some of the most awe inspiring fantasy action sequences in any Potter film to date.  Yates never manages to lose sight of the core themes of good versus evil, choices and self-sacrifice. Whether a hard-core Potter fan or not there is so much to fall in love with this entire series including the boy who lived, who started out in the cupboard under the stairs and has grown to become the nations most loved role model.

Long live Harry Potter.

Written by Mell Harrison Friday, 29 July 2011 00:00
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Freeq Magazine were very kindly invited to attend the second ever Soundwave festival in the beautiful fishing village of Petrčane Croatia.

As the music scene in Croatia is fast becoming the new and cheaper alternative to Ibiza we struggled to get a flight into the neighbouring city of Zadar so instead like many others decided on a mini road trip flying to Trieste in Italy and driving through Slovenia and a good chunk of Croatia.  Whilst this was a fantastic feast of idyllic scenery for the eyes I would not suggest doing it the Freeq way and only giving yourselves one day to complete this monster of a journey.  If you fancy seeing the sights along the way I would suggest stopping over for the night somewhere along the coast and splitting the journey up.  If however you just wanna get there and dance your board shorts off then you can fly straight into Zadar...BUT...You do need to book early to avoid disappointment. This place is popular!

After bickering in the car for hours and trying to get to grips with Croatian road signage we finally made it to Kozino (the next village along from Petrčane) where we were met by our legend of a host Borjan and his family who showed us to our cute seafront apartment and guided us to the nearest pub and restaurant...I think he sensed we needed beer.

After filling up on excellent food and beer at ‘Tonys’ (a mere £45 for four people plus copious take-out beers) we were desperate to get down to the Soundwave site and case the joint...however the journey had taken its toll and by the time we had walked back to our apartment, quite frankly we were knackered.

We woke the next day to the most beautiful view from our balcony, clear blue sea, red hot sunshine and the local residents’ boats gently bobbing up and down off shore.  It felt like a double treat...I was going to a festival but I was also on holiday; it was hot and sunny, not wet and muddy.

A short walk through the woods brought us out to Petrčane where we could hear the hustle and bustle of festival goers and more importantly...the music!

After checking out the site, which doesn’t take long as it is very intimate, we picked up some very strong cocktails from the Tiki Bar and set our towels out next to the beach bar  (one of only 3 stages at the festival) where they were pumping out some classic house and disco tunes.  As I watched people dancing in the sea right in front of the DJ stand I wondered why it had taken me so long to do a beach festival and whether or not I could ever go back to being knee deep in mud and freezing cold?

Written by Phil Robinson Friday, 08 July 2011 13:07
Features - Reviews
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Freeq magazine was invited to a VIP preview of one of the most eagerly anticipated film releases of the century.  After ten years in the making we were cemented to Nottingham’s Cineworld seats to witness the final instalment of the Harry Potter series.

Presented in stunning 3D vision, The Deathly Hallows part 2 was packed with more spells and duelling wizards than you can shake a wand at.  The Deathly Hallows part one set all the pieces in motion and although criticised for being slow was paid off in part two with a special effects action extravaganza.

Picking up straight after the events of the first film you are thrown right into the fast paced action in a visual feast with some amazing special effects and lavish sets.
As with the entire series of Harry Potter films all of the cast shine in their specific roles and although the characters don’t get as much on screen time as with previous outings, each scene is acted gracefully. 

The story is solid with some cleverly placed twists, you would come to expect from the Harry Potter style.  What really stood out for me were the ongoing themes of good versus evil, choices, and our parentage, which have never been so poignantly dealt with than in this instalment.

A major fan or not I would strongly advise any movie lover to see this on the big screen while you have the chance.

Written by Paul Hinchliffe & Susan Luya Friday, 24 June 2011 22:01
Features - Reviews
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