THePETEBOX in Manchester


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The man is quite frankly bordering on musical genius.  Effortlessly combining beats, instruments and vocals with his mouth, while playing guitar and tapping loop pedals with his feet and loop pads with his hands, it’s just a mind blowing performance.

Freeq magazine caught up with THePETEBOX backstage after the Manchester leg of his first UK mini tour.

Pete explained how he was moving away from the type of shows he has done so successfully in the past, that focussed more around drum and bass and pure beatboxing, and is gradually incorporating more of his own songs and his own influences in the performance.  “That was only about the fourth or fifth gig I’ve used the guitar.” He said before contemplating getting a second guitar to make the switch between tracks smoother.  “It felt like I was taking ages between songs.”

Although Pete stressed that his ‘top secret’ long term plan was just that, we have a sneaky suspicion that you’ll be hearing a lot more of his own work and less of the covers over the coming months and years.  It would be a shame to lose, for example, the Nirvana and MGMT tracks, if that’s the direction Pete takes, as they serve to fully demonstrate just how clever the performance is, but he has a very determined air about him and judging by the tracks he has produced so far, it will be exciting to listen to what else he creates when his album launches later this year.

We asked if he feels like he has any contemporaries or does he regard himself as a pioneer in how he has combined beatboxing and a complete musical performance.  “There are beatboxers using the loop pedals and the technology, some are known for doing a show one way and some are known for doing it another way.  I want to be known for doing it this way.”

Pete also sees a rosy future ahead in terms of the mass appeal of transcending beatboxing, moving away from what people might think, just drums and beats, and to actually creating full songs.  “I think it will appeal to more people.  Those that like the beatboxing and those who appreciate the songs.”

We certainly feel THePETEBOX has a promising future.  Four years ago at the Freeq magazine launch party we were blown away by his set.  Tonight, we were taken to a whole new level.

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