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artistprThe Hollywood-based music promotion company called, has joined forces with the popular social music service, As a music publicity company devoted to championing the unknown artist, is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to connect new music to new fans. aims to change the face of online music promotion by mixing the power of radio with a unique marketing strategy connecting artists to their target markets.

By working together with and, artists are able to create and share their very own custom radio stations, allowing them to reach out directly to potential fans. In addition to building very personal credibility with their target market, it allows them to get on with the business of building a serious buzz, starting with 300 free radio spins when they sign up through

Their songs will be intertwined into mixes of comfortable association with more established artists in a similar genre, drawing on the success of the genre, as a whole. With thousands of fans plugging their favorite popular artist into's search engine, they'll also discover unknown acts of similar style targeted to their tastes; new music suited to their preferences, without having to waste time weeding through thousands of sites to find them.

In today's consumer-driven music market, with fans planted firmly in the driver's seat, and recognize the need to provide creative, new alternative marketing techniques for the unknown artist fighting to rise above the ordinary. This new partnership acknowledges the shifting landscape that is the modern music industry and announces their intent to work together at keeping the independent artist ahead of the curve.