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Long live the King


Michael Jackson 'King of Pop' has passed away aged 50 after a four-decade music career that propelled him to super stardom of the kind that we will never again witness.

His moves are legendary, the genius of his songwriting not underestimated by those that love, or loathe him.  His mind troubled by a uniquely difficult, and abusive childhood.  This man's life will never be replicated, his musical achievements will stand alone, far beyond what any artist will ever accomplish.

He has influenced generations through his performances.  There is hardly an R&B or Pop singer the world over who wouldn't cite Michael among their idols.  Without MJ we would never have seen Usher, Justin Timberlake, Neyo, Chris Brown, countless boybands and many others; modern dance would not be where it is today.  What he has given us can never be taken away, despite ongoing media persecution and attempts to diminish the world's greatest performer, and that he now rests, can really only be a good thing for his sanity.  What it means for his children though is a different matter, it is not publicly known who the mother of his third child is and the Australian nurse who mothered his first two was bought out of the family unit years ago.

So, for the millions that love Michael and will cherish the music and the memories, be prepared for the minority that try to attack the man and ignore his legend.  Remember, he has never been found guilty of any of the highly publicised charges.  He was quite clearly a little naive in much of his conduct but what we know of his upbringing, who can say they would be more 'together' in the same situation?

He lived life like he wanted the world to be - innocent and in love - he lived in the hope people could change.  It's just a shame the world was too far gone to realise.

RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009