Glastonbury Update


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Rolf Harris makes friends with Freeq magazine at Glastonbury 2009...


(Rolf Harris with Art Director Mellisa Harrison)

Ok so easily the most impressive thing so far was Q Tip on the Jazz World stage showing Jay-Z how a Glastonbury Hip-Hop set should be done.  Quite simply the guy is a legend.

We met Rolf Harris backstage at Jazz World where he signed the canvas for musicians in New Orleans and chatted to us about the latest issue of Freeq magazine.  Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive...

Blur now read Freeq magazine, as does Chipmunk and the Rogues.  We're converting everyone - just be grateful you got in there first.

We had a chat with the man himself - Michael Eavis, and interviewed The Virgins backstage at the Queens Head after an awesome set.

Copies of the brand new issue of Freeq have been snapped up across all the backstage areas by bands and press alike.  It's either because it's really good or they're really bored - maybe we'll never know...