Snoop Dogg not Top Dog


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Five in the afternoon seemed an odd time to put West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg on the Pyramid stage and perhaps it showed with a fairly mundane set from one of rap's icons. 

It must be a little bit humbling to be below Dizzee Rascal on the billing considering the history and status of Snoop with over three decades of hip hop under his belt but this set never really clicked.  I was expecting big things after previous year's performances from the likes of  Jay-Z and Q-Tip had really ripped it up but as is often Snoop's way, everything was a little subdued. 

My hopes of being uplifted with a smashing hip hop set later in the day were crushed when I learned Mos Def had cancelled his appearance after the sad news of a death in his family.

Things perked up a little when we met up with Jon McClure to watch Reverend and the Makers at the Leftfield stage.  Jon even wore his Freeq badge for their set.  Typically energetic and stacked full of very listenable tunes.  Jon is up to something on a new project which we will bring you news of shortly...