Big Chill 2010


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With new owners for 2010, The Big Chill appears to have changed focus with the most 'accessible' line up to date complete with Lily Allen as a headline.  It hasn't been met with the warmest of reactions from seasoned Big Chill veterans, who have attended year on year primarily for the dance-orientated line up, a younger crowd seems to be the evidence of a changing demographic.  Whether this means the end of The Big Chill or just the beginning of a new era remains to be seen.

There still is plenty to get to grips with this year, although the lack of a comedy tent is a real disappointment.  There are touches of Glastonbury here, the Cubehenge installation is on site with a different name, the eyes are once again watching from the trees and there's a distinct lack of toilets, something The Big Chill has always had in plentiful supply!

Highlights will be Kelis, M.I.A, and Mr Scruff - with DJ Derek on the 'not to be missed' list as well.  Keep reading for updates, photos and reviews.