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guitar1The guitar; the most popular instrument in the world, yet only mastered by a few.

For the first time, Spytunes.co.uk has created a system that reveals how the guitar works as an instrument providing online tutorials for all budding guitarists.

By looking at how popular music has been written on the guitar, Spytunes.co.uk has developed a scale theory called "The Guitar Conspiracy" and a practice routine called "The Self Eliminating Practice Routine". Together they explain how music works from the guitars perspective.

Spytunes.co.uk has been under development for almost two years. With the launch of the new site it now offers its users a complete practice scheme, from beginner to guitar guru standard. Fifty of the most popular songs of our time analysed through video lessons, linked to a system called DIY TAB. By analysing your own playing you will not only learn the tune, but learn from the tune!

There are 650 HD video lessons that covers chords, scales, arpeggios, and demonstrations of concepts and tunes.

"The Guitar Conspiracy", a 335 page guide to how the guitar has shaped popular music harmonically. By understanding this can enter a different level of guitar playing.

You will get access to the forum where you can discuss your playing with other users and ask The Guitar Guru anything guitar related.

You can also upload videos of yourself playing. This way everyone in the community can all have a closer look at your individual development.

Spytunes.co.uk is a free guitar tuition website that survives on its members donations, there is no set membership fee.

Having re-launched on 6th January 2009, Spytunes.co.uk has attracted 27,000 visitors and has already grown out of two servers, however members are donating generously and the site is looking strong for 2009.

To find out more visit http://Spytunes.co.uk